Friday, 28 September 2012


Let's get this shit going shall we! I don't intend to beat around the bush, oh no. I am going to face-plant this blog deep in 'bitch vomit' and tear those fashion mistakes down, down, down. 
And for my first port of call...

The cross and peace sign trend truly tickled my tastebuds when they first appeared as a high street trend last year. It was something to do with the fact that they are symbols of belief, controversy and opinion and somehow having these symbols smeared across your distressed grey tunic made you look eccentric and well, badass. But not no more. A year on and this high street trend is still going in full is my head to the wall. Not to name names, but Topshop is the worst culprit for this trend. You can't even buy a ring in there anymore without it praising Jesus and the effort they put into making the symbols look grungy and cool seems half hearted...

I mean, what were the designers thinking with those leggings? "Hey peace signs are cool LET'S COVER THE WHOOOLE DAMN THING IN 'EM AND THEY WILL BE 10000 BILLION X'S MORE COOL!!!". No. They are uglier than Alice Cooper. On a serious note, these items lack a feel of originality, imagination and the controversy that the symbols should represent. Since this trend was such an initial success as it became so accessible and affordable, it has of course been wrongfully adopted by popular culture and everything that the trend represented has been thoroughly wrung out. Now, anyone who wears a peace sign or a cross on their clothes is just a...

What angers me more than anything about this trend however, is that whenever I see a peace sign now or in the future, my initial thoughts will not be of nuclear disarment, hippies, peace and love. Instead all I feel is irritation. If anything, this trend has now hindered the peace.

Do not get me wrong though, I ask. I do think this trend can still work. Your clothing would have to be worn for a reason other than for the trends sake however. A brand that does this well is SMUT Clothing. Their 'naughty vicar t-shirt' SCREAMS controversy, attitude and rebellion. Wearing those t-shirts would show that you have a voice- something to say for yourself other than 'I can follow a trend'. This I diggg. This is what fashion is all about.

Boy, it feels good to get that off my chest. Lots more to come. But that is it for today as I have a dinner date with my uni family.
Do watch for more posts I promise they will be just as funny as this.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.



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